Craig Coombe interview about Umhlanga Arch

20 November 2018, Tuesday

Umhlanga Arch is positioned in one of the fastest growing hubs in South Africa, it has aligned itself with global trends, provides unobtrusive security and integrates state-of-the-art technology. It is no surprise that businesses like Multiply Group have invested in this unique concept and will be featuring their head office at Umhlanga Arch.

The core focus of Multiply Group is to invest in people while striving to build and positively influence communities. The ethos behind Umhlanga Arch supports the Multiply Group’s values, as it centres around and integrates people into every aspect of the development, from memorable experiences to ensuring they stay connected through smart technology.

Following the announcement to move their head office to Umhlanga Arch, we sat down with Multiply Group CEO, Craig Coombe, for an exclusive interview on what influenced their decision.

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