Smart living trends

5 May 2018, Saturday

From smart cities to automated homes, countries across the globe are improving the efficiency of mundane tasks and the quality of individual lives with the help of technology. KwaZulu-Natal is going through a transitional period where property, transport and services are going through immense development and upgrades to meet the demand for a new-age, modernised lifestyle. Umhlanga Arch is changing the landscape and lifestyle within this region with smart living trends at the forefront of their development plan.

Technology at your finger tips

Community-based APPS are characteristic of smart living lifestyles. Needless to say, Umhlanga Arch has specially designed an APP to make everyday living effortless and convenient for residents. This application will allow residents to simply plan their day from communicating with concierge services to arranging parking for guests; it’s all manageable at the touch of your fingertips.

Smart-ready apartments

Smart-apartments are an evolving concept for KwaZulu-Natal, and Umhlanga Arch is leading the way. Using your personal smart devices, such as a smartphone and tablet, and with the use of fibre optics solutions, residents can remotely control their security systems, the temperature of their air-conditioning units and lighting for each room.

Smart living is essentially the way forward, and Umhlanga Arch ensures that their iconic, smart mixed-use development will allow residents, and visitors alike, to truly live full, successful, efficient lives.

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